Adding Cobwebs to TW

I feel like an interesting idea to add to treasure wars would be cobwebs. Mainly to stop fall damage, because building up really high on maps like Snowglobe, Rome, and Tesla Labs. then dropping on them is fun if you can pull it off, but you need to sit on top of a tree or house for like six years and then jump down again and place the block breaker while at like 2 hearts and maybe break the treasure. Cobwebs would fix this, you could jump from build height down and take no fall damage.

The reason I like this over ladders or water is because water would cause glitches with swimming and ladders are climbable. It also doesn’t reduce fall damage without drawbacks. You’ll be immobilzied for like 3 seconds and then you can do stuff.

It could also be used in the intended way (slowing down your opponent, and the cost of 1 diamond is enough to be expensive (ish) but not enough to be really hard to get.

My one concern would be in a megas game, late game, where one team could set up 2-3 layers of cobwebs as a wall to built limit, and then be impossible to go to, but realistically, that’s not going to happen, and if it does, the team who blocks themselves up know that they’re going to draw.

TLDR: Add cobwebs to stop fall damage and stop people

Edit: As Mr/Ms Hudbro suggested, we could have like a 3-4 second timer on them, that might balance them and solve most of the concerns I’m seeing people have

That’s a good idea, it doesn’t cost much and it could be useful

Maybe that’s a problem, don’t you think?


This doesn’t sound like a great idea, you could trap a player and then bowspam then to death

Or make a person who doesn’t have sword wait 5 minutes to fall to their death.


AND it isn’t really great for jumping down, as it’s takes a long time to get out of them

true, but it’s something, I feel like the fact that its not super great is good because if water was added it would be kinda op (also ladders would be balanced but not unique.

How about honeyblocks or something

true but they’ll just log at that point right?

also why aren’t cobwebs op is skywars then (im genuinely curious lol)

I think it’s because webs are rare there (I think) and the islands are big enough for the players to dodge them when someone places them suddenly

please dont. i didnt read the whole story you wrote.
they will never get added, no one likes them.
(and i am not toxic this is how i talk)
here is a smiley face to balance my words.:smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now that I’m thinking about it more it probably ain’t a good idea, I prefer SW and even in that game I don’t see cobwebs heavily utilized.

i can be toxic with u

no one will add them they are basically useless
i dont think they have them in any bedwars server
and no u cant just dodge the cObWeBs.
unless they have a timer so u place them, then the cobwebs will get removed after 5 seconds

that would be interestin, but at the same time, just completely bruh

that’s actually a great idea, put a timer on them.

they’re not useless in SG tho, webs can slow down people when you quickly put them down

but it depends on the console you are using

what, no. it depends on your reaction time, if you can jump over them properly or where they were placed, like if they are in a 2*1 gap, theres no way to dodge them

Please No, everyone will just spam them everywhere