Add The Bridge to the API

Every game mode by now has been added to the server’s API, but we are still missing one, The Bridge!

Alright, so I was told by Splodger that “We are not publishing data for the bridge as we do not want for there to be leaderboards”. I ended up asking further but was told that if I wanted to see change, I would need to suggest it here, which I am obviously doing now.

Isn’t the point of all of the games on the server to have some competitive feeling that would drive players to play said game modes more as they would have goals to chase? I feel like if you were to publish the API for The Bridge, people would be happier that they could check their rankings, stats, and would be more prone to play it more, or would I be wrong? I don’t really see a reason other than the competitiveness aspect that you wouldn’t want to publish the API for The Bridge because of the leaderboards and I was not given a direct answer earlier.


They want to keep bridge as chill as possible, adding a lb would increase the toxicity alot.

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All the other games have it, what hive are saying they won’t add to the bridge is showing SBMM rankings.


I have re-opened this topic, if you wish to see this feature added, please vote for this idea.


Nice to see staff listening to the community! Thanks splodg3r.


oh cool the topic was unlocked

voted :))


omg thank you

here my take on this

hives reason for not adding bridge leaderboards is because it’ll cause “toxicity.”


i really don’t see how it could cause more toxicity then any other gamemode with a leaderboard unless there’s something i’m missing? i’ve also never seen someone be toxic over stats honestly.

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W Splodger


It would be no more toxic than any other games leaderboards which TW and SKY players have


It would be because of the sbmm, people would rage when they lose a game.

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I dont think you understand what this means, this doesnt show your sbmm elo, it just sets the amount of total wins everyone has to public

If they wanted to keep it chill, they shouldn’t have added skill based match making. That alone already makes it competitive and not chill


The point is not you can see your MMR, but the fact it exists, and you will play against worse people if you lose.

Honestly adding a lb should be fine imo it is just a bit of a risk, since hive really wants to keep toxicity down with such a young audience.

many players have been waiting for that!

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W thank you!

why do people keep saying leaderboards bring toxicity? unless im really dumb and missing something i dont see the issue.


ig ppl would use them to try to brag to other people that they are higher on the leaderboard??? i’m not sure either

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I think it’s that if people are trying to get higher on the lbs, and they lose a game they might rage.

Idk I’m starting to think maybe it’s fine, since the vast majority of people playing are pretty chill

I guess it makes the game more competitive which means more toxicity idk.

If all other games have a leaderboard, than there’s no reason why bridge couldn’t have 1 too, in fact bridge should have a public sbmm rating and I hope hive re opens that topic too.