Add lvl based matchmaking

Level 1-9 will queue together
Level 10-15 will queue together
Level 20-30 will queue together
Level 40-75 will queue together

Idk about alts
Maybe the hive can make an anticheat that will ban anyone that is beyond the level of the specified level based matchmaking game.
(e.g if like a level 1 is like just comboing the whole game then thats obviously an alt so maybe like you can ban them from the hive for 24 hours so they cant play on their alt)

Hey there! This has already been suggested as shown here:

In the future use the search tool in the top right :mag: to avoid making duplicates. Have a good day! :beedance:

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bruh you just came to visit this post just tk criticize lol

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. Just letting you know that its been already suggested.

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yeah ik are you like notificationed after a post is like up

I’m just on the forums a lot. :sweat_smile:


I think you get one(or at least do I when I’m online)

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this makes very little sense

This might be added, bit it has been stated that a sysytem like this would be very complicated and high level players can easily make alt accounts and queue into low level players lobby

More info can be found here

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yeah see thats the problem

Duplicate suggestion