Level based match making

Level based match making

Before you mark this of for dupe, read this full thing. What I am suggesting is not to make ranked skywars, for reasons suggested in potatopies new video. But instead think about a level based match making type thing, I’m sure many people would like this, and for the people that don’t, maybe make a setting that can toggle that if you can, once again, this is not a ranked skywars dupe

It is said by Splodger in that very same video that a SBMM system would be very complicated and the hive isn’t interested in doing that in the near future.

A pure level based system would be very flawed and annoying, since level doesn’t equal skill at all.


Well it might be not 100% skill, but obviously on main accounts a level 40 sw player would destroy a level 5

Not if the level 5 just switched from java and the level 40 is on mobile. While level has a slight correlation with skill, it has a stronger correlation with time spent


Levels not equal skill.

I switch from my main to a new account, same settings same gear same person. I can still combo as good. Only difference is people who want “fair” match making would hackussate me.

level is barely a gauge of skill, it’s more a gauge of game sense (higher levels tend to be better at getting loot and are more accustomed to the ways each map works). Yes, the level 40 will usually beat the level 1, but say the level 40 just plays hive, and the level 1 is a hypixel sweat? while the level 40 knows better how to get gear and is more accustomed to the pvp style, the level 1 is by no means a bad contender.

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Although this is a duplicate suggestion, I would like to give some opinions on this. Firstly, I do agree that there are times where the skill disparity is so high that some games are really easy while some games are really hard and take longer time to finish, while level based match making could solve the issue to a certain extent it won’t completely eliminate it.

One obvious problem that I see right of the bat is that the queue timings for such match making would be extremely high considering we have “Platform based matchmaking (PBMM)” as well. It won’t affect lower level players that much but it will greatly affect high level players since there aren’t a lot of level 75s or maxed out players online all the time.
Secondly, players could easily create new accounts and queue into lower level games to smurf (the act of a high-skilled gamer playing within a lower-level character or competitive bracket) in them which will in-turn lead to a whole lot of problems in it self.

That being said, I’m not saying that this type of matchmaking won’t be added, its just not our top priority or something we are considering now.


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