Level match making on hive and best friend option

when i play treasure wars, its either me comboing level ones, or me getting comeboed by lvel 75’s.
if you made level match making, i would play with people around level 40-ish so it would be fun and everyone would play with people there level.
and best friend option is when you best friend a friend, they can join youre game, cause i do find it anoying having my friends join my game and spoil my traps, or them joining my games and distracting me. these are just ideas but it would be cool if you added them! bye have a good day.

I don’t really like this idea. With platform based matchmaking, and all the team queues, each individual queue is already thin enough that if you had one of these queues every 10 levels, assuming tw has 10k(isn’t normally like that, however it is rn on NA) players, and all queues were equal, there would be 300 players in each queue(counting PBMM, different gamemodes(Mega,4,3,2,1), and this).

The issue is it isn’t spread like this and although a decent amount are 70+, 60-70 is going to have the issue of being really empty due to many trying to hurry up and grind to 75, and those that aren’t going for 75 probably aren’t going to get to 60.


Level doesn’t necessarily mean you are good or bad. If you’re level 75 in treasure wars, you might be good, or you might just be really grindy.

As for the friend thing, there are several other ideas like it.


thanks for the feedback!

Level =/= skill :flushed:


Gaming chair = skill :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


There should be a queue for under 37 and a queue for over 37

That still has all of the issues mentioned in earlier posts though. Plus, it would just change the time that noobs get destroyed from level 1 to level 37, as the only people they’d go up against are smurfs and noobs before then, and smurf accounts seem fairly rare.

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perhaps not level based matchmaking, if anything, it should depend on your stats, because level does not mean anything, there are many low level players who can destroy me in a 1v1, and there are many other 75’s that can also be destroyed by level 1’s


ppl will resort to using alts instead.

I have one abbreviation for you:


Or, for long:

also smurfing would be a humongous problem


make it based off of fkdr or wlr
or even just total kill count

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total kill count would be similar to level in a way because it all depends on the time it took them to get there

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I’m a lvl 36 who goes on losing streaks everyday it seems

So potat is correct

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hmm i think that hive does need this but sometimes players are more than meets their level. what i mean is that players could create an new account because they either want to try to be in a life of a
noob or just destroy high level people and make them embarrassed. You already know where im
going with this now. but the thing is that if you are level lets say 75 you cant queue with a noob and you lets say cant combo and all the other guys can, you wont be able to grind levels and reach your dream (lets say level 100) but mostly i do think this is a good idea.