Add a cooldown to Knockback Nemo

The Solution To KB Nemo

If you add a cooldown people couldn’t just spam it and would have to have a little more skill. The tool would still be powerful but wouldn’t be quiet as annoying and hated.

I understand cooldowns would be hard to create but please consider this option.

Thank You For Reading This!!!

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KB nemo never needed a solution.

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Takes skill to kill someone with that blasted thing in the first place

I had no idea it takes skill to left click in Pillars or Violet Keep

It would be awful.

KN is actually so rare.
I have 1 in like 30 games.

Welcome to the forums btw :slight_smile:

It’s rare anyway, so there’s no point of a cool down

dont nerf my nemo

No, Just no

no, do i have to explain this?