About duelan on the hive

here’s why we need duels: For the Americans and etc They’d have to go onto cubecraft with a bad time

My suggestion is add duels and have a twist it’d be

The idea for the twist is a bit like skywars where basically Redstone gives 1+ heart (1 per use) Dia gives random potion effect and gold repairs a nearly broken item

here’s an example:

i cant read tht srry :sweat_smile:

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Hi one with more is people who want duels the other one is who don’t want duels

wow, very informative graph right there.
This is actually a dupe of NEW GAME! Duels/Tournament - Suggestions - Hive Bedrock Forums (playhive.com)

Thanks for the suggestion but sadly, it is a duplicate one. Please search for your idea before posting it to avoid making duplicates :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Link to the recent suggestion:- Duels and Duels Types
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