A simple update for TW

HI Happy 1.17 day. i got into tw recently and saw a few stuff that can change> All these things are easy for the devs to make :

*New shop: This Idea is simple. On the corners of maps (There will only be two in 3 and 4) There will be a new shop. IN this shop the NPC will sell potions spell books.

Swiftness: # dia
Leaping: 3 dia
Fire ball: 1 dia (more below)
Fire trail : 2 dia
BOOMBOXES: 1 em ( more below)
Sword of embers: 20 em

the Hive devs have to copy the current shop to this new island and change it a bit. The NPC can be the wizard costume.

The fire ball is the ghast fireball but Throwable. It only breaks wool,wood and concrete.

Each game the wizard randomizes 3 boomboxes ( exept knockback and block breaker) and can only be bought from the wizard

*New items: So with the 1.17 update coming and the hive updating to it i think a Item from it could be implemented: the spyglass. This will be used in the normal shop and is used for EG. spying on ur opponents. This can be Bought from the shop for 32 gold .

The other new items already exist on the hive. except the slowness spell IT gives opponents in a 5 block radius slowness.

The sword of embers will act as a upgrade for The dia sword

*THE final thing i suggest is A sword spawn upgrade. Its pretty explanatory You spawn with a sword like you spawn with amour The first upgrade is a wooden sword and will cost 2 dia the next is stone with 5 ems . This suggests that players should not immediately rush but rather go for reasources first.

*The final thing id like in the game is ranked matchmaking ( well kind of) Its simple LvL 5 players will not be matchedmaked with lvl 60 or lvl 30 with lvl 100. But lvl 1 can be with lvl 40 ect.

That’s it All of these features will improve TW in my opinion.
Thank you.

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Hey There! Welcome to the forums!
Your suggestions are unfortunately duplicates of this , this , and this. Please make sure to use the search feature before posting your suggestion.
Now, the spyglass one, I think it’s not needed as you have clients for zooming and The Hive allows it. And, The Hive still supports versions like 1.14 so if they add it, the people who play in 1.14,1.15, and 1.16 won’t be able to play treasure wars. If you think the above given ideas are good, please vote them out. :beedance: , Have a good day!


this has been suggested b4 and the hive dont have plans to add this as its kinda copying hipixel

smurfs are still a problem, and itll be harder for higher lvls to fill game lobbies


Didn’t Hive drop 1.14 support a while ago? When I try to join on 1.14, it gets stuck on loading resources

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Continuing off what Gamingthunder said then device match making wouldn’t work so you would be paired with pc players (if your a mobile or controller) making games take longer to fill up and lower skilled players have worse chance of winning.

I disagree with adding a spell shop, I feel like all they’d do is mess with the balance of the game without adding much.

A spyglass could be interesting, but I feel like 1 emerald would be a better price. It’s the same price, and about the same usefulness, as a tracking compass

I think so, but I think adding spyglass would be a waste at least 1.16 doesn’t have it.

its mostly for when debating what team u want to attack

im not new to the forums ive been here for months btw and about the dupes I had a spin of my own and put them together

This would affect treasure wars a lot when it comes to scrims, or just casual rounds because that means teams could either rush fast or defend easily. Would kinda want to make it so your spawn weapon only appears in your inventory when your spawn prot is gone.


Or no spawn weapons at all

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No don’t, it’s a good concept, just needs to be a bit more fleshed out

No spawn in weapons in Treasure Wars please

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Not really, it just makes it so you don’t need to make as good decisions to defend your treasure(ex. storing an extra sword), and makes the early game a literal race for who can bridge faster.

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oh dev i just feel that the wood sword should just be able to kill a fist

Im controller and it a nightmare tring to get a sword out of your chest

its easier if u just tap/click/whatever trigger on te sword and the close the chest inventory, the sword will automatically go into ur hotbar (if theres space)


I like this stuff but having fireballs isn’t original. Maybe a throwable explode on unpack boombox is what they would do. It wound throw like fireballs though it would just throw like boom boxes. That would be origanal


Call it sticky boombox, since I like to think it sticks to the surface it lands on before detonation