A change to em gens

So, as we all know, rushing ems is super important in twars. If you’re too late to get dia armor first, it’s hard to turn the game around. To fix this and make diamond armor harder to obtain, they should make it so that ems don’t generate until someone reaches the em island. What do you guys think?

Edit: I actually disagree with this idea myself now, I’d rather just have a cap on em gens(like Make A Cap On Emerald Gens)

Learn the diamond armor match up.

I think diamond armour should be changed to 24 ems, and bows should not be available for the first 5 minutes in solos. However a severe nerf on diamond armour isn’t smart

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Please no, making it more expensive would make it so much worse


But it’s so cheap and easy to get for such an OP item

But if it’s expensive only 1 person will be guaranteed to win the game because they are very overpowered. This is already a problem right now and if it was made more expensive it will be much bigger.


That’s why I didn’t suggest increasing the price, but nerfing the gens. It would be just as hard for everyone to get dia armor, instead of whoever getting there first having an advantage


Maybe have it set up so you have to activate it with an upgrade Gen. Gold for the first upgrade, diamonds for the second?

It’s definitely a cool concept.