You should add kit pvp

I think that we should add kit pvp because a lot of people aren’t particularly good at this

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great idea i like kitpvp take my vote :grin:


1st of all, this is a duplicate suggestion, so use the search function before making a post here is one you can go upvote
Now even though my reply on that post is from nearly a year ago, it still stands up as true

So let’s make this clear but also concise. I would like potpvp/kitpvp to
be added, however due to the fact the hive has like 1 admin for every 3k players, I feel as if cheating would be a huge issue, even on most potpvp servers that normally have an admin for like every 20 concurrent players on cheating is an issue. So basically the hive would need to beef up the amount of staff significantly and do some extensive work to the anticheat to just be barely practical for a mode that wouldn’t probably retain alot of players

However the hive will have duels coming with swarms, but it won’t exactly be an entire mode lol


Sure, now how do I add kitpvp

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When you Mean Kit Pvp I think of two things.

  1. You Pay To Get a Better Kit and Its Pay to Win The Only way to Get Good Stuff is where you kill someone with very little stuff.

  2. You get to Chose between a bunch of Different Classes that are trying to be Balanced.

One Is a Mini-Game The Other is not Witch one, is it?



why the unnecessary caps


i completely agree but why my eyes

I would love a Kit Pvp game mode. It’s at the top along with Sky Wars. However, I don’t think it will be added which makes me sad. I used to play on a kit pvp server all the time with friends of mine and It would be so fun to have a similar experince with friends on the Hive

it would be a vote system for the kits or it’d be random.

Kit Ideas:
OP (Everything’s OP)
that’s all

Edit: Basically you choose a kit, and which ever one wins the vote both players will get the same kit.


They should probably focus on swarms because those are more in demand at the moment.


so its duels???

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please don’t i stg

yeah that’s my suggestion