Kit PvP suggestion for bedrock

Kit PvP on bedrock

Making a bedrock kit PvP would be really cool. Because bedrock servers are limited, you guys having a good kit PvP would surely attract players.

Starting with a basic kit and being able to earn a type of currency in several ways for example, kills, maybe like in bedwars there is certain spawn spots that drop a certain amount every like 30 seconds. Things like that.

Super excited for you guys to consider this and reply back for input.

As much as I would enjoy this, hive has nowhere near the ecosystem to develop this and it would have a wildly different playerbase. I’ll message you some pot pvp servers

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Would attracting a different player base be bad? Also still wondering if you will be messaging me some servers.

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I almost feel like the Hive isn’t the type of server to have KitPvP. I don’t know, what do you guys think?

  • Yes KitPvP!
  • No KitPvP!

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As TheHive is a quick and fun mini-games server, I don’t want KitPvP to be added. I feel like… it’s not the right place here on TheHive ! Their minigames must be quick and fun… not insanely long…


if you want that experience P L A Y J A V A

some people can’t B U Y J A V A

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Yes pls hive is the only actually smooth pvp server (say lifeboat and you’re ended)

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@GottenDesert0 there is a problem first that would make bedrock hive look like a competitive server instead of a mini-game server

Lifeboat has improved alot over the last few months, I think if hive can’t catch up we may have issues.

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Hmm. . . .
Improvements . . .
I’m not here to trash talk any server, but Lifeboat has indeed made some changes.

I had a discussion on the discord server about adding KitPvP. I think its a great idea. People who play on console (Xbox PlayStation Nintendo-Switch) are limited to the 5 featured servers. None of the Featured Servers have added KitPvP. Which server will be the one to add KitPvP next? It has to be the hive.

don’t bump please, the hive wont make kitpvp

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