You can X-ray using leaves in Sky Wars

So basically if you see a leaf block place in Sky Wars, you can see through it and it’s basically “x-raying.”

Now, this issue isn’t the biggest issue and most people won’t notice it, but I noticed it when I was trying to find the last person in Sky Wars, which at that point, can be a free “hack x-ray client.”

@myst1c_leaf thank you for reading

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Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

We are fairly certain that this is a Minecraft bug, but to be sure, could you possibly provide a video?


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Yeah, Splog3r is right This is an MC bug.

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Hang on! Didnt i already report this?

Edit: yes: Leaves Glitch


I might have a video for this but idk, I’ll have to check. I do remember seeing this though, and my friend could not. It also only happened to one block.


Hey there :wave:

Thank you for your patience, we believe this is a Minecraft issue and as such there is not too much we can do at this time.

Stay safe and well.