Winner Spotlight 🏆

As mentioned in this post, it would be nice to see the winners build after the game is over. They suggested to allow you to fly during the podium time, but I suggest to add a…

:trophy: Winner Spotlight! :trophy:

Winner Spotlight would be a 5-10 second period to show the winning build!

It would take place as soon as voting is over, and will lead into the standard podium showcase.

:confetti_ball: Confetti!:confetti_ball:

Custom particles could be used to shower the build with confetti of all colors!

:ballot_box: Show The Votes! :ballot_box:

The Hives custom UI could shoe the builds score, and how many of each vote tier it got, from Meh to Love!

:trumpet: Play The Fanfare! :trumpet:

A sound effect could be played to celebrate the win!
You could unlock fanfares as you level up!

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. That’s all that needs to be said. Voted!


Idk about the fanfare but everything else seems good

Imagine if a inappropriate or off topic somehow won tho
That would be very awkward :grimacing: :flushed:


Dw, I’m sure people are smart enough to not vote and report it, right?


That is it’s own problem, and suggestions shouldn’t be disregarded because of it.
Also, the fanfare doesn’t really have to be a fanfare, it can just be a small yay or smthn


It already does show off the winning build at the end. turn around at the podium.

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Maybe it could be customized?

absolutely it could be customised!

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dont they basically have this minus flying?


I guess they want a more extravagent version of it. I mean, I wouldn’t mind.

I am scared of thr confetti though. Whenever I win in CubeCraft, I get a major FPS drop bc of the particles etc


YES!!! sometimes it is really laggy and i do not get the chance to see it


When you win you play an animation in the podium, so what if hive added a thing to where you can buy costume emotes for your podium so it can fit your animation needs? I’ll make a topic if you guys agree…