We want new game theme

Bringing a skyblock themed mmorpg game will please many players. We want a skyblok game with java like hypixel as all players in bedrock.

(I use translation because my English is not very good, sorry if I explained it wrong.)

Since Hive is a minigame server it is very unlikely that they add Skyblock, as that is a long-term game, sadly.


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First of all, this is a duplicate suggestion of this post.
Second of all, as Gryrraa said, this sadly isn’t a type of game that the Hive would likely add, as it is a long term mode.
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I feel like hive needs to expand to add more long term games, playing mini games gets stale very quickly.


Please no. Skyblock is so dull and boring. If this gets added, please at least make it fun to level up in.

(Also there are a lot of skyblock suggestions, so ig this is a dupe.)


This, I agree with. Skyblock tho? Eh.


While playing mini-games in The hive, we get very bored after a while. It can be added as a long-term fun just to hang out with, or any feature where people can just pass the time calmly when they get bored of mini-games. :sunny:

(yes I know it’s just a minigame server but there’s no way this won’t change)
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Hive needs a huge racing game. I’m talking upgrades, suspensions, and huge maps and races. Huge. Imagine how many players a game like that would pull. A longer-term game with real upgrades and sick vehicles and physics? In MINECRAFT?! I would die

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You could gladly make a suggeston for that lol


Yes, I could, but I was adding to the conversation lol. The title of the post is, “new game theme” so I thought I’d try suggesting something fun other than skyblock. Though I really should build a concept for it… I lack art skills

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600 levels in murder mystery cough cough

That’s still a minigame. It depends on how you look at it, skyblock could count as a minigame since it’s a game in a game. The reason why they won’t do skyblock though is because it doesn’t ever end. Sure, it takes basically forever to max mm, but the game still end after 5 minutes. The amount of time it takes to max a game has no effect on their view of being a minigame or not.

I really want a long term game tho. They could do OneBlock, but use an achievement system to unlock more blocks that could spawn. That’s pretty unique and makes us have to play other games just to progress in it.


I know it was a joke lmao

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