Warp Party into Custom Game

Idea: Warp Party into Custom Game

A simple party warp feature for custom games. Instead of having your friends enter a code of you having to invite them, a simple feature, such as /cs warp, warps your whole current party into the custom game.

It looks like this is a duplicated suggestion. Please use the :mag: in the future to search for any duplicated topics before posting.

You can vote for the original idea here


I don’t think that it’s really a duplicate. That suggestion states that they could invite their party. This suggestion straight up warps the party into the custom server.

But anyways, great suggestion! It’s always difficult to make sure your entire party will join the custom server, even if they want to join. +1 vote from me!

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i mean in my suggestion someone replied this exact idea but like whatever idm


bumping this coz i really want it

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