Voidless Treasure Wars

Add voidless treasure wars!

This would be where there is no void and the islands would be elevated above the ground.

If you can’t imagine it look at this video

Now I know what your thinking,

oMg tHiS woULd bE cOpYIng HyPixEL.

I agree that this would be essentially copying hypixel. So I found a way to have voidless treasure wars, with it being unique.

  1. You can’t be on the ground for more then 5 mins, and if you exceed going over that time, you start taking damage. By what I mean the “ground” would be everything apart from the bases. This feature would also apply if you were , let’s say stacking up from the ground. You are essentially over the ground so it would still count. This way, people wouldn’t just control the ground, not even allowing you to touch it.

  2. In sudden death, the ground starts disappearing. Before it starts, there would be a message in game to warn players about the feature. This would force players to start bridging across the sky to the other players to kill them, which would spice things up a lot.

  3. Players would be able to buy a feature from the shop costing about 30 emeralds, give or take. The ground would shake for 1 second, and a message would pop or saying “Earthquake!” This would stun the players on the ground at that time for 10-20 seconds. While it’s stunned it would not be able to move. Or maybe it would, but very slowly.

There are obviously a lot more features we could add to this. It probably still needs improvement. I think this would attract more players to treasure wars. It would just be a nice extra mode and a whole seperate leaderboard would be added for voidless. We wouldn’t need this, but I think it would attract more players and it would be a nice feature to add. Vote on this if you agree!

What are your thoughts on this?

I mean, this would be way less balanced than current twars imo, as you wouldn’t be able to knock people off the edge to kill them, making armor op


I agree. This would take away void kills, which is a big part of the game. I think it would be nice tho, to have a separate mode, with a new meta and new strats.

I agree with this as well. Since it’s a different game mode there would obviously some stuff that are better than others in it. I think the devs could raise the prices if armor was too much of a problem.

This seems like Survival Games with a few extra steps!

Jokes aside, I played voidless bedwars on Java, And i gotta say I second this!