Treasure Wars Upgrades and A new void less map πŸ˜ƒ

Upgrades in Treasure Wars and New void less map

We should make it so you can upgrade your weapons and armor with diamonds so they have more value like they do on other servers like NetherGames. Also a new void less map just like The og bedwars sever

Some upgrades we can have are Protection and sharpness upgrades but to a limit so no one is overpowered so may be like Protection 2 or 3. Now to the void less map I always wanted and now I have an opportunity to tell the community this map will have interesting pvp dynamics and also thank you to Dieces, a YT and Twich creator for inspiring me to suggest this

Please make this a big topic to the hive build team and some hive mods and admins can make these come true.

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I recommend for future reference, making individual suggestions seperate.

A voidless Treasure Wars map … that’s interesting to say the least.


Thank you this my first Post I did not thing people would see it so fast it takes forever for people to see your content on YT and Twitch


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How would enchanting work? Since your game level is in your XP bar.

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Enchanting wouldn’t work very well imo, it would just be too strong with dia armor. Especially with how prot is broken on the hive. Iron armor also already has prot baked in, so how would that work with iron armor?

And a voidless map would be a completely different game, worrying about the void and having to spend resources to get places is essential to twars

first upgrades would imbalance hive straight out, second they aren’t going to rip hypixel and make a voidless skywars


FYI, most people browse these forums by looking at the newest replies, so this is when your post will be seen the most lol.


Now now, we don’t want Hive to became Hypixel Bedrock Edition

same here but I want it to be a little simular

thanks but meant void less treusure wars

[honk] i was meant to say treasure wars.

One day, Hypixel will probably realize the value of bedrock edition, and bring back their bedrock server. If that happens, a bunch of people will already leave Hive for it, so if these changes were made, Hive’s TW would die completely in this situation.

oh thats a good point i never thought of it like that i never even knew that hipixel had a server on bedrock. Thanks and bye

it actually was a pretty old thing, i remembered playing it like when lifeboat was popular in 2014

o ok i never play any servers that are ot hive or nethergames

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thanks im new here only 3 day this is was posted on my fist day

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If it was voidless then there would be no gaps because there is nothing to fall into and it would just be a mass of land which would have people rushing u almost instantly which I would not like

nah, they were referring to a specific server that had their maps set up a certain way, so that it wasn’t like this

please refrain from making a post until you understand the subject being discussed lol

I do not support the upgrades because if a pc player got the prot 2 and sharp 1 upgrade, and went for iron armour, then he/she would honestly just go dominate the whole game also wouldn’t a voidless map an sg game, only with team chests, gens and a shop?

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