Void Loot Upon Killing

When someone is knock into the void the killer gets loot.

Say if you are trying to finish a person in treasure wars and that person decides to jump into the void, you don’t get your well deserved loot. This is an issue because it could possibly be toxic if someone robs of you 20 emeralds, or that diamond sword you could have gotten if they didn’t jump. If this feature was added then the loot will be put into your inventory when the person dies and they can’t scam you of your well earned loot.

Other servers such as Hypixel have this ability. It think it will encourage players not to end themselves everytime they are going to lose. Most players hate the feeling of their loot deciding to just jump off and get deleted from the void. Another thing to note is that if a player were to kill someone before they fell into and the items drop off that is the player’s fault, they shouldn’t be handed the loot. If this were to happen, a player might be able to get back an item they dropped into the void by accident. Again it is the player’s fault for dropping it and they don’t deserve to get it back (this could also affect destroying unwanted items). If you buff the void like this it might be a little overpowered, to combat this you should make both the Skywars and Treasurewars void deeper so that people who are knocked of can recover with enderpearls or special items you might add in the future. For example, the Hypixel void gives your enderpearl extra time to hit the island and save your life. Sometimes I get frustrated when my pearl is just about to touch down and then I get destroyed by the void. May I suggest lowering it by around 35 blocks, or you can try experimenting with the depth. This will make the game more enjoyable for everyone and is a change that will benefit everyone.

On the topic of void clutches, a cool idea is to add fire balls, and TNT. With these items only the most skillful players can launch themselves back up onto a bridge with precise timing. You can add a lot with these in general, I am sure that these features will be very welcome. I will also give you more ways to travel, destroy beds, and attack players. If you adjust the void I guarantee you that many people from other severs will switch over to Hive, realizing that there are more features, and it solves the problem that all other bedrock servers have.


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Thank, I’ll do this in the future.


Also, I feel like this should only happen for final kills, as for normal kills it’s a strategy to void jump so they don’t get your stuff

What if you were low, had 32 emeralds and someone was about to get them by killing you but you still had a treasure.
Jumping off can be used as a strat in times like this