Updated/Change/ Add to a part in the rules

Add to/explain this part in the rules

In the Hive Forum Rules topic, it states in the Etiquette section:

I feel like these two rules are being ignored and there are many people who do this. Posting everyother time in a forum game such as “Make a Word into another Word by only changing 1 letter” or the “are you well known” isn’t making your posts count and is just useless at that point especially when it is done 5 times in a row by the same 2 people…I feel that it has “influenced”, caused newer forumers to do the same which is just a negative effect. It also contains no “value” to the main conversation.

As for what I am suggesting, I believe that it should be added to to explain not to do this. Or another way to fix this is to add a time limit between how often you can post in #off-topic:forum-games Limit the amount of times you can post in forum games




Yah they are kind of useless but people still like to have some fun on the forums