Treasure wars free shop

I suggest that free shop become an LTM

Hi there, thanks for your suggestion!! However, this has already been suggested here, so you can vote on it there instead. It always helps to make sure that some thing hasn’t already been suggested before suggesting it yourself :beedance: Additionally, you can always play treasure wars with a free shop in a custom server, just run the /cs command to get started :blobheart:

But I can only create a few cs and I can’t play with other people

Custom servers do indeed have limits, which vary depending on your rank. However, there is still a current way to access the gamemode in your mind, which is through a cs. As I mentioned, you can always vote on the other suggestion page as well =)

Hive will unlikely add a whole seperate game if its already achievable via custom servers but feel free to vote on the already made suggestion!