Three New Roles ( My Suggestion / Idea )

*Firstly, these roles are just my ideas and they are not implemented in the game!

Okay, now the roles! :smile:

Retributionist : At the start of the game you are assigned 3 victims to kill for revenge!! > (Edit : 1 victim to kill) . In your inventory you have a golden axe and the faces of your victims. Once all the victims are dead, you become an Innocent. But, if the murderer kills your victim(s) first you lose and die.

Protector : At the start of the game you have a Sheriff Tracker ( a compass ) that leads you to the direction of the Sheriff. Since you are the sheriff’s pet, (lol) every 50 seconds you are allowed to give people leather chestplates, and every 30 seconds for leather boots. If you are still alive after 3 minutes of the game, the chestplates and boots that you can give out, become Golden (with the same time-cooldown as before). But be careful because you can also give the murderer armor, by mistake! :sweat:

and my last role idea is…

Jailor : At the start of the game you receive handcuff’s ( a shear ) that you can jail anyone suspicious by just tapping them with it. You also receive a key to release the prisoner ( an iron button ) ; you can release your current prisoner by tapping the ground with the button. Only one person can be in jail at a time at maximum. You can switch / put someone into jail, or release the current prisoner with a cooldown of 20 seconds for each action. And the maximum time you can be in jail is 90 seconds (if the jailor doesn’t want to release you). The jailor won’t see your role, but when he/she decides to switch you with someone else, release you, or the 90 seconds passes you will teleport to a random spot in the map where coins spawn. And the chat will say,
" Someone has been released from Jail! "

All the other Roles are allowed to get a one shot bow except : The Murderer, The Sheriff, and The Retributioner.

So now, there are 6 roles :dizzy_face: :joy:

Murderer, Innocent, Sheriff, Retributioner, Protector, and Jailor !

(Also Hive please let the Sheriff have a crossbow, because you can charge it, it fires more accurately than a bow sometimes, and it has more resemblance to a real gun!) << idea from @FoodPlays

Thank you for reading :blush:

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Murder Mystery was meant to be simple because of the younger playerbase bedrock edition has. Murder Mystery was originally going to be TIMV from their Java server, but they found out that it would’ve been too complex for the younger players on the Hive. Putting these roles in would remove this simplicity that Murder Mystery was meant to have, and probably remove a lot of it’s players.

Also the crossbow was an idea I also had. It is definitely supported. Hopefully it is added in the future.


Yea, you’re probably right @FoodPlays. If there were too many roles the more younger players will get confused, and that wouldn’t make the game any fun. Although, I’d still like at least one extra role to be implemented just to spice things up a bit! But Thank You for your wise words :sweat_smile:

Yes but they couldn’t even have the heads at the hotbar cause minecraft bedrock doesn’t have custom heads :frowning:

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These are some creative ideas! Sadly, like FoodPlays said, the bedrock playerbase is significantly younger so the games are meant to be kept simple. Also, having 6 roles would be a little bit chaotic, right?

Since there are only ~16 players per game, the Retributionist killing 3 people seems a bit much. Maybe they could only be able to kill one person instead?

The Protector role seems a bit useless since the murderer just kills people with one tap anyway. Would the armor make it so that those with armor get killed with two/three taps?

The jail seems like a good idea to me but I have a few questions about it. Do you earn survival XP in jail? Could there be a way to escape? Is the jail attached to the map or is it a separate area?

I like these ideas tho, keep the creative juices flowing <3


Huh, @BlueSlimeMC I guess I forgot! :see_no_evil:

My way around it : When you are still in the Murder Mystery Lobby, you have 20 seconds to do whatever, but the first 8 seconds, if you are retributioner, you will immediately teleport you to a random isolated sky island (or something xD) to show your role and to show you your target for 8 seconds. The target will look like the statues at the end of the game, but it is in colour! After the 8 seconds are finished you enter the lobby again and there is still 12-10 seconds till the game starts. No one will suspect you are retributioner because it would just look like to the other players, that you just joined the game.

Again, thank you for reminding me lol, I hope this (^^) is a better version! :wink:


Thank you for your help @anon7895885 !

I definitely agree with you especially with my reply with @BlueSlimeMC that the Retributionist should only hunt and kill one player, because three would be ridiculous! :sweat:

As for the Protector Role, here are the advance armor info:

No armor at all = one tap kill

Leather Chestplate = two tap kill

Golden Chestplate = three tap kill

Leather Boots = Jump Boost Forever ( potency I )

Golden Boots = Haste Forever ( potency II )

(Now I hope it’s is less confusing :smile:)

Answers for Jailor Role :

  • Yes you will still earn survival XP in jail

  • There is no physical way to get out, but you can type in chat to ask the jailor to release you because you are “innocent” :wink:

  • And, the jail will be attached to the map in someway, and other player will be able to see what you look like, but once the jailor switches you, releases you, or the ninety second timer of jail is up, you will teleport to a random spot in the map where coins spawn.

I hope I satisfied your questions about my idea! Thank you @anon7895885 for your Questions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Haste is for mining speed if I remember right, did you mean speed? I don’t see haste being too useful since you can’t break blocks in MM.


@Simartar the haste won’t be for mining speed, it is for Attack Speed so if you’re innocent, the one shot bow will be faster to accelerate / charge so you get more accuracy to kill the murd or anyone suspicious :smirk:

thank you for your question :smiley:

Haste doesn’t make attacks faster, the same way sugarcane grows the same speed on sand and grass
They are fake myths

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In that case I’ll switch the gold boots to have speed for 10 seconds then switch 10 second without speed. That process of turning on speed and turning off speed will loop. I made the speed switch on and off because the murderer doesn’t have speed so it might be unfair to the murderer, if the murderer is chasing some person with the buff.

I thought that haste would make you attack faster, but I guess not! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: