There should be a Pac-Man Map

Why there should be a Pac-Man Map

Because in Murder Mystery what do you do as a Innocent Citizen?

Thats right! You collect coins and what else collects coins Pac-Man

I highly doubt Bandai Namco would allow Team Necter to build this PAC-MAN map, because of copyright issues.

And, to add on this, there already is a PAC-MAN DLC by GamemodeOne on the Marketplace.

edit: Not against this issue, just saying I really doubt this would be added.


I would be for a maze-like map, but Office is already somewhat like a maze, with mostly tight corridors and limited vision past your own area. I think maze like features should be a part of map design, but I see no need to create one focused on the maze itself

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It wouldn’t be called Pac-Man Map would just be called Maze

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As has been mentioned, this would involve the use of another company’s intellectual property, we generally steer clear from this stuff, as mentioned in this thread, which I have quoted below: