The thought of ladders

I feel That Ladders is a big part of Minecraft Pvp. I have always wondered if there was a thing to take less fall damage . Then I found out about Ladders . I feel like the Treasure Wars community needs something diffrent to make the game Fun. Dont get me wrong Treasure Wars has always been my thing. Im very glad they added prot 1 Chestplate to Treasure Wars bc Less fall damage and im glad they added golden apple but Its not enough. If Treasure Wars adds ladders I think it must cost 12 gold not to cheap and not to expensive . If to many people use it Then make the price 4 Diamonds for 12 Ladders . Every time I play sky wars I choose that map In trios with the well that has ladders in . I love breaking the ladders and Using them to advantage any way Hope You Enjoy your day Bye.

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Np, welcome to the forums! Ladders could be a good idea, but would the sole purpose of them be clutching or reducing fall damage?

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Well as for the suggestion its self, i don’t really play tw but I think hay bales would be better suited :slight_smile:

Yes To Put them into Pvp . I really dont want it to be for hiding

I geuss but we have axes to break the ladders

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Im not sure on what you mean by


To Rudece fall damage . You see when you on a bridge and you climbing ladders you take less kb and lets say you at max hight limit and you cant get down you use ladders so you jump on to a spot and place ladders

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