Ladders in Treasure Wars?

lol hive is no where near a hypixel rip off. I play hypixel bedwars that my main gamemode. Hive literally has fire aspect and overpriced gaps and tones balancing issues imo


How are they overpriced?
Do you not know how op gaps are? Even when it’s not enchanted


I’m pretty sure they only heal 2 hearts and give 2 absorption hearts, how is that op? They are overpriced.


gaps are not op at all. They give you like 3 extra hearts lol. Gaps are 3 gold on hypixel


They still give you regeneration, so if you’re fleeing, you could use it to turn the tide of a trade. Although they are still kind of too pricy to actually be used in most games, so maybe if they were a little cheaper, they would be good.

And also, we’re getting off topic, so to bring us back, skybasing is illegal on Treasure Wars and considering ladders support that, I don’t think it’s in The Hive’s best interest to add them.


When i think of ladders i think of ladder clutching and using them to take 0 kb

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If you pearl away and eat one it’s alright ~ish. Only reason I tend to buy them is so other teams can’t get any.
Does that make me a horder?

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This is a great idea and it would be a cool thing to have
for the ladder clutches and new strategies.

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Lol we have the same idea The thought of ladders

Lol same I also use ladders

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I think when you purchase them, it should come with 4 ladders for 5 gold, or 4 ladders for 2 diamonds.

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I need my ladder clutches to be useful

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this is a very good idea that i have been waiting a very lone time for

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