The hive should add a plane

The Hive should add a plane. Each flight can last up to 2-3 mins.
There can be an airport or something you can add somewhere around the arcade and the main hub. Each flight will be from the main hub to the arcade lobby and if you have been in the plane for 1 hour you can get the pilot costume. You can also interact with the windows and the doors and maybe even a first class seat. There will also be a 1 in 3 chance of someone serving food in the plane and there will be a menu for the food. If you are in a first class seat you can get more choices of food and you can maybe get a first class plane seat ticket for 160 minecoins and you can use it any time and won’t expire.
Ideas of the name of the plane could be: Mailbot airlines or Hive airlines. More things you get with the first class seat will be like a free hub title and/or a tv. You can also stand out of the seat of the plane and walk in it. It will be like the monorail but with more seats and tables. The plane can also have 2 floors as well with a restaurant or something for people the first class seats. The plane can be good for hub rats and other people. :mailbot: Edit: You switch servers when you enter the airport and it’s like the monorail or the christmas train

Sure, but the staying in the plane for 1 hour thing might be quite hard to keep track of since the arcade hub and main hub are separate servers so idk, also it could be pretty laggy


Yeah, i guess so

This sounds really cool, it just sounds kinda complex, especially with the switching serves bc idk how that would work, and would take too long to be added
I suggested a private jet for the arcade hub here too though :smiley: and I could see a simpler version of this being very possible to add as mounts already exist


Having an Airbus A380 flying through the hub would probably be a bit random, but a smaller airplane mount for four players would be cool :o


lol yeah

or a 747

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Maybe like a monorail but a plane :slight_smile:

We already got mounts that fly so we just need a themed map to accomodate it.

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No it’s like a monorail but a plane

O( hi Mason

It has some potential but it’s too big rather than the mounts.