Arcade Hub Game Idea-SKYDIVE!

I have a idea for a arcade hub game which is SKYDIVE
Skydive is a hub game where you will jump from planes in the sky and try to fly through rings to complete the level, this would be similar to parkour because there is multiple sky diving area
Using the compass you can teleport to different skydive locations
In these locations you will fly through rings using an elytra. if you make it to the end of the path you complete that level. Missing one of the rings will restart you
Concept images

If you complete all the locations you get a hubtitle: “FALLING FROM THE SKY”

as a special reward, if you have all 100 mailbots and have completed every parkour and skydive location as well as getting wins/kills in other hub games (aka 100% completing hub) you will gain access to a private jet located at the top of the vip spire, the jet will be fancy and detailed like the vip lounge is but from there you can sit in the jet as it flies around the hub. And of course for staying in it for an hour you get an exclusive title, “Living Like a VIP”

as a final detail if you jump out at any point while on the private jet you will gain an elytra (only while in air) to fly anywhere in the hub!
I know this idea is a little crazy especially the last part
But please give your feedback and ideas

-this topic was brought to you by a hive hub rat


This would be an awesome minigame, and would give you a chance to see more of the hub! The one thing I would recommend Is for there to be some sort of border so people aren’t just flying all around the hub. I also like the idea of getting a hub title from completing the whole hub!


With the border they could design the elytra to only take you a certain distance :slight_smile:

No qp just because hive did it once in the mailbot hunt does not mean it will be done every time I think hubtitles are good enough


This idea seems like a cool idea and I support it however I don’t think hub titles should be given as all other hub minigames don’t give you titles.

Well personally I want minigames to have hubtitles and/or other rewards as seen in some of my other posts so that’s why I added it


Sounds like a dropper game but with a hive twist

I like it

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I knew that the elytra idea would be a bit crazy because it allows you almost anywhere but to balance it
You can only go a certain distance
Gifting is disabled when with elytra (you lose it once you reach the walk way level) it is still suppose to be a final reward for completing everything in hub

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This sort of reminds me of that java edition terra swoop force but I’m voting for this as The Hive could add some short “Minigames” like this. :blush:

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this is a very cool idea, and id definitely play it! voted.

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Howso. If there is a skywars like barrier is there any way they can exploit?

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Because there isn’t a TSF for Bedrock.
(There is).


Actually now that I’m thinking about it gifting in places where you can only get there with an elytra is fine, as long as u have the jet unlocked you can get it. Not being able to gift in the air is a great idea.

For some reason I didn’t consider that, my fault

Glide mini game but with rings


So… Glide Score Attack?
(Legacy Console Edition)

I have updated this with a simple concept image of what this hub game would look like

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Hmm good idea
The jet seems a bit crazy imo

Glide mixed with Dropper
Id 100% play this

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