The Hive Official texture pack

A texture pack that is hive themed for pvpers

this is an amazing idea

maybe that can be a official contest for the community

making a hive themed texture pack

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Maybe someone should make a topic for a comp

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i can

Or…… I can

but won’t we have to get this suggested first

Naaa I don’t think so I’ll make it soon
Edit: I made it

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If you want to use one @beanrollup (sorry for ping) has made a REALLY amazing hive themed pack

This is unnecessary and if hive asked Fowben and zackwerycool to make one it would most likely be via the market place and therefore paid

Do keep in mind that texture packs can be stolen and recreated which would also be a reason for the hive to not make something like this

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theres also this one


you all are forgetting the most legendary of packs


oml yes. best pack ngl.

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Can I take a look at the texture pack?

can I have the pack link?