The Hive Arcade Dropper

Hive dropper

It could be an arcade gamemode it would be really fun it’s just like a game from hypixel

But ofc hive always makes stuff unique so ik it would be cool

I don’t rlly have much to say but yea ur would be a fun game

maybe a dropper could be part of block party? That would be cool! I don’t however think that the moments of fun and the hours of rage afterwards people get from playing dropper would be worth the development time. Maybe thats just me, though. Also remember to vote for your own post.

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Theres is already a dropper in java called gravity and I dont think hive will put it ever again

That’s true I was thinking because there’s still podiums in the arcade hub I think dropper would be so fun I play hypixel and love the game

I mean, it would be weird, how do u gain XP/ what are the unlockables?


I get you’re point you could gain XP when you make it into water and you win when you make the last dropper and idk unlocks hive could do that

This is a dupe. Search up dropper in the search bar and you’ll see what I mean. There are so many suggestions like this.

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Unfortunately, this is a duplicate suggestion. You can find the original topic here. Please use the search (:mag:) function before posting a suggestion next time to check for duplicates.

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