Tetris Game Mode


Tetris style mode
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Tetris game mode where you have to drop blocks in a similar fashion to Tetris, Whoever stays the longest wins.

Why do I feel like both these accounts are the same person…


Me, Squid45 and Squidsuck know each other.

How would this work on Hive? you didn’t make this really clear


Maybe like anvils falling. Like part of Minerware in Cubecraft?

Perhaps this could be included in a future arcade mode.

Basically it would work by the tetrominos being made out of three to four blocks. They would drop down via cloning I suppose? You would navigate it using four items.

Now that I think about it it may be a little difficult to implement. However a puzzle game could work as one of the arcade modes in the upcoming arcade games.

I don’t know. Maybe it would be too difficult to implement.

Sorry didn’t see the earlier message

doesn’t cubecraft and hypixel have something similar to this

Never seen it. Also, this could work with a ton of command blocks.

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Hive doesn’t use command blocks.

Wait, how does anything work then? I’m confused.

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They use custom software

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wait, i didnt know hive doesnt usse command blocks lol

Most servers don’t use many, if any at all, command blocks. They use plugins or other custom software