Switch Accounts Option

There should be a switch accounts Icon where you can switch accounts
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Why? Because currently I am not on my main account this is an account I made but never used (Main acc @NFfreak909) and I cannot find out how to go into my main account unless I use a guest account on google because, it auto signs into the account for me
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There is already a log out option but when I do that and press log in again it auto signs in on the last account that was active, and recently, I don’t know why but it signed into this account.
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Two things:

  • The hive kinda messed up on the loging out thing, and some people can’t log into their account (even with the log out page that many people have told me to try but doesn’t seem to work for me). So I see why you want this, but there might be an issue (see next bullet)

  • I think that is a discourse feature, but I think discourse has a suggestions page somewhere. If someone else has it, please link it :))

We use sign in with Microsoft / Xbox. If you’re already logged into a Microsoft account, it will automatically use this one to login.

Check your current Microsoft account: Sign in to your Microsoft account
Log-out from our system: Logged Out
Sign out from Xbox: Continue
Sign out from Microsoft: https://www.bing.com/fd/auth/signout?provider=windows_live_id

Also im pretty sure alts aren’t allowed on the fourms

So I should only use ur main account

If can’t sign into it u can always ask staff to merge ur accounts together

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Yah that would be better or If I could get this account deleted