Survival Games Trios and Squads?


Adding a Trios or Squads game mode for Survival Games would be a good and quick update idea. It’d also probably resolve the large amount of teaming there is in Solos and Duos (since there’s no trios and larger parties can’t all be on the same team)

You could potentially make larger versions of existing maps or new ones to accommodate for more players

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This is a duplicate suggestion. Please avoid making duplicate posts by using the search function in the future!

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Uh, what’s the point of saying something is a dupe without telling them where the dupe is?.

Btw, oldest topic I could find is this.

And, SG hasn’t been updated pretty much at all since it released, so expect this to come in the future

what do you mean? we got teleporters, launchpads and other cool stuff! or do you mean a non-content update?