Super Smash Bros. type of gamemode

I think a Super Smash Bros. gamemode would be really fun and unique.

Essentially, it could have lobbies of either 2, 3, 4 or 8/16 (tournament mode) and would put players up against each other in creative and original maps that I’m sure the Hive Build Team could think up.

For example there could be a map that is 2 blocks wide, like classic Smash Bros. , but there will also be other cool maps like jungle, snow, etc.

Players would choose a loadout/character and have different buffs, debuffs, etc. They could then fight to see who wins.

I would love to see this on The Hive and it would really give a twist to the minigames on Bedrock.

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Looks similar to this: Suggestion: A Fighting Game?

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eh… kinda. not really.

it is