Suggestion: A Fighting Game?


A fighting game could come after the next Hive minigame.

More information:

The fighting game could be called ‘Hive Fighters’ and feature a roster of at least 10 characters. They could all have a variety of moves and maybe there could be a casual scene (free for all, casual 1v1, 2v2) and a ranked scene (ranked 1v1, 2v2). Some stages could have stage hazards as well, making it a little more chaotic.

So what do you think?

  • Yes, it’s a great idea!
  • No, I don’t like it.
  • Meh.

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So you mean “create a game inside of a game”? If yes, that would be difficult to do. Because if you gonna make an fighting game inside of a minigame server then it would no longer be an Minigame-only server. This could be a Marketplace World Template though!

Well, I meant create the game as a minigame but I suppose it could still be a Marketplace World Template.

This seems a bit like the minecraft Super Smash Bros game hypixel has, it wasn’t successful, not against this idea, hence the meh.

And yes this would be better as a marketplace template/world

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If you wanna make an fighting game, then you gonna have to put lots of stuff in it, which makes it long, so it’s not an minigame.

10 Fighters
8 Stages
5 Gamemodes
I suppose that is quite a bit


so it’s boneless smash

I guess @DanielCaManual.

Anyway, I can now provide pictures for a map idea (sorry for bad quality):

Those maps aren’t so bad :hushed:

Those were pictures of just one map but thanks for the compliment!


I WANT ITTTTT ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;

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If you are thinking about Minecraft for PS4, you are absolutely right.

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