Sugggestion For SG!

Ok so when I play survival games I die a lot. Mostly because I’m bad but also I feel like the armor does not help that much. Idk if it’s that armor not protecting enough or the swords doing too much damage. I just think that it would help a lot if the armor protected you a bit better or swords do a bit less damage.

Another way I think could help with this is adding ender pearls to SG. They could be rare but you could get them from cache cows, tier 2 chests, and supply drops. I think this would be good to be added because when the game starts and pvp has just turned on, I open my inventory or a chest, then someone comes out of nowhere and kills me. If you could e pearl away, that would be helpful.

I will admit that this could be very annoying since people running away is super irritating, but idk, I think it would be cool.

Oh yeah you could also pearl behind someone to get a kill.

Let me know what you think :smiley:

iirc they used to be in the game, or someone hacked them into one of my games lol, I forget
anyways they removed them for one reason or another


My thoughts:

This is for Minecraft to do. Not the Hive.

My first thoughts are: Way too overpowered, and not likeable. We already have launchers.

One per cache cow or supply drop, but not in chests.

This is because the game is meant to be fast-paced. I would recommend not going to middle, and instead, going to a nearby chest behind you.

So in conclusion, it’s very annoying, overpowered, and unnecessary.

I do agree with you but the Hive can change how much damage something does, they do it in tw and some other games.

Just fyi, try not to suggest multiple unrelated things in one suggestion. I can see where the armour loot tables could be frustrating, but making them higher could just make the game more luck based than the would want, I do agree with adding pearls as a rare supply crate item or something, along with books of speed, but pearls were added for like a day a while back and got removed.

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imo treasure wars and sky wars are the best games if you want to play defensive or have better armour, also knockback boomboxes should be added to sg


you don’t have to say to everyone who makes a suggestion my god. It’s not like the number of votes increase the chance of something actually getting added

anyways, to the suggestion, I disagree with e-pearls, they make sense in sky wars and treasure wars as a fast movement option between the islands, in sg it would be only useful for escaping a fight or approaching someone, which can be pretty annoying imo

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you can actually tnt jump really well with your own damage boomboxes

If you want to kill yourself

I see the misunderstanding as it does deal a lot of damage, but you can actually survive 0 hearts of damage in minecraft, pretty neat feature. I heard they added it in 1,16

lmao I think xavior was thinking skywars

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Yeah. I never actually use a damage boombox in Survival Games, and have never got hit by one that I launched.

Yes, I was thinking of SkyWars, because that’s all I play lmao