Suggestion for adding water buckets nd lava buckets to the hive

Ok. So if there was water buckets or lava buckets in the hive that would be pretty pog u Can save yourself from fall damage u Can burn other players it would be so good i Hope everybody votes dis suggestion. And btw i dont want to explain a lot cuz everybody know that water buckets and lava buckets will be very useful

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Unfortunately, the addition of water and lava buckets in SkyWars has been suggested previously. Please use the search feature (:mag:) next time to look for the suggestion beforehand to avoid making a duplicate. You can find the original suggestion here.


Ok ty for telling me dat. the hive is still better than any other server


Thanks for the suggestion, however as said by Orbi, this has been suggested before. Feel free to like/add to that thread if you would like. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
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