Steve skins in murder mystery

Having steve skins in murder mystery is unfair, because you might shoot the wrong person. Instead of the players skin, change it to numbers, plain black skin with the nimber in the middle. 1 2 3 4

If you don’t understand, im sorry, i have bad grammar

i get it, but it kinda takes a bit of the “mystery” factor away. if, say, “2” pulls out a knife you know it’s them. you can’t forget, and it’s easy for someone to call it out and ruin the mystery in chat.
it’s not a bad idea but it most likely won’t be added due to that reason.

also just keep track of where that specific steve is lol

This has already been suggested before. Click here (click me) to find the original suggestion.

Also here’s what Splodger (Hive’s Community Manager) said:

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