Speed berry loopholes and why its too OP

Here are the options and in the next section I’ll explain.

  1. Decrease the speed
  2. Decrease the knockback of the speed boost
  3. Make it cost 65 gold or have a wait time when eating a speed boost berry

More information:
My reasons are in order as listed above

  1. The obvious explanation would be is that the person with speed boost effect moves too fast and it takes a long time to catch up to them.

Especially, when the person has the flag. There are loopholes around where the person who has flag can even use speed boost. An example is throwing the flag and eating a berry before grabbing the flag. It’s annoying because it defeats the purpose of having slowness effect when you grab the flag.

Since the person who has speed boost effect moves to fast, it’s difficult to aim and hit the person. Some people try to go around in circles to avoid hits. This can be considered as a strategy, but still it’s frustrating sometimes.

  1. When someone has the speed boost effect, it deals A LOT of knockback to the opponent. Knockback is important when pvping and gives you an advantage

One time I was playing with someone who abused it to much, lets call them X4. X4 always used it when pvping and it was extremely difficult to kill them, because of the knockback that I delt. I always had to crouch in order to deal less knockback. X4 always did a defense strategy, so they never came to my team’s base. Because of this, my team players always got killed easily when they went to my opponents base. This made X4 buy a stack of speedboost. (more than 6 with them). Hence, always having an advantage over players.

  1. Although my reasons in 1 and 2 can make the speed berry be seen as a strategy, there are people who abuse it too much. I’ll divide this into sections discussing my suggestion to limit this.

I think increasing the cost of it to 65 gold should be reasonable.

While playing, I’ve noticed many people abusing the speedboost effect as mentioned in reasons 1 and 2. I think having it as a cost of 40 is too low, because people with speedboost can have a higher chance of killing someone who doesn’t. This would mean you need to kill at least 3 people. (15 gold per kill)

For example, X4 from reason 2 who would play defense. They ALWAYS used it when pvping. As mentioned above, the speed boost effect gives ppl an advantage when going up against players. So it made it easier for X4 to buy more speed berries.

If the cost of the berry is too high, then I think having a wait time limit is better. Maybe 35 seconds of wait time.

Let’s say someone got killed by the person who used the speed berries, the person killed would need to have time to get to opponents base and get the flag. If the person is just like X4 from reason 2, they would need to wait. This would eliminate the high advantage of pvping against other ppl when using speed berries

I agree that speed berries are INSANE and need nerfs, idk if this is the way to do it. I also do agree that speed berry “momentum” shouldnt count for the purpose of kb calculation but idk how that would work. I also agree that grabbing the flag should remove your speed effect and u shouldnt be able to get speed while holding the flag in any way.

A cost increase would also be nice.

most of this suggestion sounds like you not being able to deal with speed berries. there will always be ways to beat something instead of just asking for a nerf

Ever thrown a frozen boombox at a player in Skywars or Survival Games and chase them but still can’t seem to ever catch up with them? In case you haven’t noticed, the slowness effect in The Hive on any gamemode (so that includes CTF) doesn’t actually slow the player down. All it does is lower your FOV, but you still actually move as fast as a player that doesn’t have the slowness effect.

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As far as I’m aware it does give slowness, just not much.


I notice you didnt offer any suggestions on how to deal with speed berries tho :eyes:

Anyways thats like saying “live with the insane op tnt stuff that was at launch instead of asking for a patch” even tho tnt used to be INSANE. Giving feedback on game mechanics is always a good thing and I personally also believe that the speed berries need tweaking because they are polarizing as they are right now.

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It literally doesn’t slow you down. Try making a quad jump with the slowness effect. It’s still possible to make it. Yes, the helper is correct that you do get the slowness effect but it doesn’t actually make the player move slower. You can still sprint jump as fast as any other player even with the slowness effect. You can test it with a buddy if you’re still skeptical.


Yes speed berries are way to O.P. I almost always end up getting the kills regularly but speed berries kind of ruin the experience of general PvP it makes it feel as if someone is hacking and the knock back is so annoying. I leveling there should also be a 1 minute timer before using one again. And frankly HIVE should get rid of speed berries.

It does give you slowness, but when you jump alot, the momentum mostly cancels out the slowness, and in that case, that’s a minecraft problem, not a Hive problem.

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