Spawning with a Wooden Sword

I wrote this at 10:00pm and I’m kinda tired, so if it sounds like I’m rambling, I am.

Idea: Spawn and respawn with a wooden sword.

I came up with this idea after playing bed wars on Hypixel (on Java, I think theirs a bootleg Hypixel on bedrock) for a little bit. In the grand scheme of things, bed wars and treasure wars are basically the same game. However, I think bed wars is a little bit better for one reason.

You spawn with leather armor, and more importantly, a wooden sword.

I play a lot of treasure wars with my friends, and I’d say we’re pretty good. We usually lose for a few reasons.
-auto clickers & hackers >:(
-sweats and people level 60+
-getting rushed at the beginning of the game
-getting absolutely bombarded by a team with iron/diamond armor, constantly die and are forced to punch them away from the treasure, which usually (unless we unleash our inner technoblades and combo the opponents into oblivion) results in us all getting final killed.
and there’s also a which is us just being bad at the game (but we don’t talk about that)

And that’s the reason I think they should make you spawn with a wooden sword. In the 4th situation, fists do little to no damage to someone in full iron and diamond armor. If we respawned with a wooden sword, eventually we would be able to widdle their health down just enough to kill them.

In addition to that, getting a free but weak sword at the beginning of the game would help with the 3rd situation, getting rushed at the beginning of the game. It would give us a chance to fight back if our opponents have stone swords.

I don’t think it should be dropped on death, but I don’t know if you can even do that.

On second thought, it’s not the greatest idea. BUT HEY, maybe a team of developers can make it into something great.

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