Skywars void walker

When you warp into the abyss with the kit’s Void Walker, you can take fall damage and die. Surely the original meaning will be lost. Also, I would like to see that improved, as it is possible to teleport to the Ender Pearl that I used before using the Ender Pearl and fall into the abyss and die.

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It’s difficult to record because it doesn’t always happen, I’m sorry

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Thanks for submitting a bug report.

I’m having trouble understanding the fall damage part of the Void Walker kit, as the kit spawns you back in the podium position where you usually don’t take fall damage so if you have any videos or examples that would help.

With the pearl landing after you respawn, this is not counted as a bug due to players using this as a strategy to get back to the middle of the map quicker after respawning.

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This happened to me when I fell in with absorbtion hearts, but the strange thing is that I did not lose absorbtion hearts and instead it damaged my actual health.
Also a possible fix for this issue is in a suggestion here Temporary FD Immunity when using Void Warp

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We need to know how the issue is produced, does anyone have any additional information other than falling in the void?