SkyWars: Vanilla Enhanced

This will be a variant in SkyWars, in solos/duos

The island is as big as a Squads map, with natural world gen (plains, forest, desert, and these can be voted in the hub)
So there are no chests, and all ores behave like vanilla ores.
You have 3 minutes to suit up
Crafting, smelting, mending, enchanting, you name it. All enabled.

After 3 minutes the barrier opens and (yes you need to craft a compass) you track the nearest island, bridge over and PvP them. LMS wins

Any suggestive ideas?

No, the hive trying to be creative and original

You can find the normal Skywars on any other servers

also this might count as a duplicate, not sure yet.
Click here for it

No, it’s not a classic mode. Players need to rely on island resources (no chests) and do it like survival mode

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Sound like normal Skywars to me

Normal SkyWars, with no chests, and a way bigger island with vanilla world generation

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Still sound like normal Skywars to me, but without Chests


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This actually sounds like a type of Skywars Skyblock ngl

Lol now reply to my dm ASAP please

so UHC in the sky? sounds cool

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Could have a no-regen mode, or maybe only in cs.

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I think no-regen in general, maybe if it looked like vanilla but the frequency ,and maybe even concentration in some places, of different ores. It could have zones like biomes so that there could be forest at spawn and the island between team islands could be villages.

natural world gen in the sky…

seems legit

Hmmm if they would add it ok but I wouldn’t play it

this idea is amazing. It would require strategy and you could use cool items like buckets of lava and flint and steel to help in combat. I also may add a few suggestions:

  1. The starting islands should be either: desert, plains, spruce forest, or oak forest

  2. There should be small islands scattered around that have biomes like: nether, Mesa, ocean, tundra, or even the end.

  3. iron golems in skywars go brrrrrrr

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end city mid would be cool


maybe not elytra, kinda op

Idk, with low durability and only being able to glide, seems kinda balanced

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chance to fall in the void

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