Skywars Enchant Table

Perhaps add an enchantment table to each map??

I’ve played a good amount of skywars and never seen an enchant table… Maybe it would be good to add things like exp bottles in chests and a table at the middle of the map??

I’d be fine with an enchanting table, but I’d only like it if XP could only be gained from kills and if the enchanting table was at mid only.


But the exp bar is taken…


Instead of xp, a new ore could be used and it would have a chance of dropping an enchanted book. Then you can go to the middle and enchant your items.

Or enchantment tables could drop as a rare item from emerald ore.

i’d be fine if they added anvils. easy sharp 4

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instead or using xp, they could just use lapis!

behold, the new spawn at mid, the diamond block! mine it for a chance to get 1-2 lapis!

3 lapis for enchanting iron sharp 1, etc


Or just coal, that’s the only unused ore in skywars

coal is too common

or hive could retexture something to make a ruby ore or sm

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Didn’t ruby ore become emerald ore

Rubies was removed in regular Minecraft for its ore texture looking similar to emerald but was re-added in Minecraft Earth

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I can imagine the lag of all those steve’s loading in already.


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