Skyblock in hive. NOW


The HIVE needs a kind of skyblock game to just relax and farm and it needs some kind of multiplayer thing, and a mod called skyblock battle can be added and its normal skyblock but its like skywars

Some other suggestions for skyblock

  • shops

  • sell and buy blocks for money

  • mod spawners

Some kind of pvp mode with it
(Sorry but kinda long)

Every game of the pvp mode starts you over
(But the normal mode progress is saved)

If youve ever seen mr beast, its like the 100 person skyblock challenge, but with this there should be about 10-20 people, but you start with normal skyblock stuff, tree, cobble generator that can make ores, a couple seeds, basic stuff, but the players have to get stuff and fight, last mab standing game

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The hive is a minigame server and skyblock is not a minigame. Its limited survival

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