Skyblock For Hive PE


The Hive PE server should have skyblock

Believe it or not, I am the one who suggested for the Lifeboat PE server to get skyblock, and their server blew up. Up to like 30k players on at a time. If Hive would add skyblock, I can guarantee you, that Hive PE will also get lots more players. Thanks

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it- it’s just hive. . .

yes, while it can be a respectable point that skyblock allegedly made another server more successful, Skyblock is just something the hive will not do.

Hive leans more towards more original games and/or games with a twist. Skyblock is already a very popular game on many other servers which will kinda take away from that. Skyblock very much isn’t a minigame either, which is also something the hive is meant for.

Additionally, skyblock has already been suggested multiple times on these forums

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unfortunately, your post is a dupe. please use the search tool next time before you make a suggestion :))

you can vote for skyblock here: Skyblock (new game suggestion)