Skyblock as a minigame

If Skyblock was added to the Hive Bedrock, I would literally never even TOUCH Cubecraft again. I feel like many people would appreciate Skyblock on the Hive, because most people only play on the Hive but still want to play Skyblock without purchasing it in the marketplace.

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This is a duplicate suggestion :frowning: please use the search button at the top right corner to view if or not your suggestion has been suggested ny someone else some other time :slight_smile:

Rest aside that suggestion was denied because the hive tends to be original


Adding on to what has been said above, this has already been suggested multiple times and hive is a minigame server so they will not add anything like this


A link to the original suggestion Skyblock (new game suggestion)

Although we don’t have any plans for this there can be a possibility so let’s not assume anything :smiley: