Skybasing discussion, and suggestions to counter stalling

I don’t understand why this exists. It’s like banning people for staying at their island in skywars instead of adding a border. Add a lower height limit. Since this already exists, this rule is even more useless. Stack up to them! If they’re bow spamming, go underneath them and stack up from there! If you still don’t understand, I’ll put a video here:

Skybasing is also a very useful strategy to escape from cheaters while mods come to take care of them, like in this video(first game): killing TWO ranked skywars cheaters - YouTube (hypixel)

And then there’s intentionally holding up the game. There are two types of this(that aren’t skybasing)—hiding underground, and running away.

For the former, reporting them seems like a lazy way of dealing with those people. You spawn into the game with a full set of tools(rip hoe). Use a compass and dig down to them. If they spleef you or trap you, you aren’t playing smart enough and probably don’t deserve to win. That’s how easy it is to deal with hiders.

Running away is more challenging to deal with. However, things like bridge builders and bows exist in this game, and you can easily cut someone off/kill someone with them. Everyone also gets keepsprint (like 1.7 java)(to make pe players not stop sprinting whenever they touch anything) However I do agree that this is one of the more effective ways of holding up the game, which is why I suggest these things:

  1. Add a shrinking border that eventually stops at the middle building

This will make it so that people can’t infinitely run—they eventually have to come and fight, although it may take some time.

  1. Make the mystery chest drop 5-7 pearls, fire aspect sharpness diamond swords(after a few respawns), protection diamond armor(after it gets fixed of course) and other things that will give the player at mid the advantage. Also refill ender chests every 3 minutes

This will make it so that the person at mid can pearl to the running person, take the pearl damage and still be able to overpower the runner in a trade. This may be unnecessary if a shrinking border is added.

tl;dr don’t cry about skybasing

I wrote this with a dead person(not irl)

Digging is boring, hiders deserve a ban for wasting our precious time :smiley:

Border’s a good idea tho


to bring up this point

if something isn’t allowed, players shouldnt be able to do it

obviously this doesnt apply for everythint, but you shouldnt be able to be banned for skybasing when the game lets you do it


nice ability to put effort into the game im sure you deserve a win (lighthearted dw)

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Wins are useless, making hiders suffer brings me joy

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I’ve never seen or known of anyone who has gotten banned for sky basing. I know it’s not encouraged and it is listed as a rule.

I believe if you’re above or below a certain height limit for an extended period of time, you slowly wither health anyways.

Not saying you’re suggestion is invalid, I think it’s a good idea. But, I also don’t think it’s a big problem.


I sort of like the idea of letting people run, because it really isn’t that hard to catch up to them, and it allows the player with less gear to stand a chance, instead of being forced into trading hits with somebody who has more armor and even more health.

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Oh please this is gonna make skywars unwinnable for people who rush.

for people who don’t rush you mean? the whole reason mid has ender chests is to reward players who leave their island tho


make skybasing not bannable so i can be annoying

Me when I lose because I base camped all day

this is tragic

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yes but also no

I want to be annoying but I dont want to be mildly annoyed when I have to speef someone who is in a tower and might as well be afk

it aint hard dude don’t trip

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skybasing should be allowed in sw, not tw


if you skybase in tw you need to enhance your critical thinking skills


skybasing in sws is fun because people are to stupid to know how counter it. I did it on other servers

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