Skill matchmaking

my idea is that they add skill matchmaking to skywars or treasure wars

why u may ask its because i see level one players get in matches with max level players of course the players who have been playing the server longer is going to be better new players dont know how to icy bridge or even how to play the game i think there should be normal skywars or treasure wars and skill matchmaking skywars or treasure are

but tell me ur ideas of how new players wont get in sweats games

This would be good if… levels meant skill.


it still wouldn’t lol

sbmm sucks, pbmm >>>

anyways this is a dupe of a bunch of posts


Well but one of my friends is lvl 10, he played much better than those who were already lvl 30(the only problem for him is that his network is too bad)
So I want to say levels don’t necessarily mean skills just like what Captbossalf had said.
Also similar suggestions have been mentioned many times(I’ve seen at least two posts about skill matching this week.)
Anyway, welcome to the Forums!

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There are way too many suggestions of this so i honestly dont feel like looking for a dupe anymore at this point. But

Level. Doesnt. Always. Mean. Skill.



Yes this. ^
I really don’t like SBMM and if this gets added I’m going to quit Hive for an entire day. A whole day. That’s a long time.


true BUT if someone was level 10 and some one was level 75 most of the time the level 75 would win ALSO they could make a normal skywars and a skywars where there is skill matchmaking

true but i still think its a good idea and other players think its a good idea

they could make a normal skywars and a skywars where there is skill matchmaking and in the skywars with skill matchmaking u can get more xp thats my idea it might be bad tho this is one of my first times making these

well that is true but i think they could make it work with my ideas but at least do u agree that if a new player plays the game and see a guy that could icy bridge click 15 cps max level and they lose every match i dont think they would like it so they would go to cubecraft i DONT want that to happen hope u see this

im saying that they could make a normal skywars and a skill matchmaking skywars where in that skywars u get more xp u DONT have to play it

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Level doesn’t really mean skill, people purposely make alts who are sweats and look way better than people assume because of their level (Example: Their main is max level but their alt is level 5) If skywars and treasure wars had SBMM game modes A LOT of people would hate it, especially the casuals. People would abuse how the matchmaking works too.
Edit: People should have challenges too, being stuck with people the same skill level and level as you can be boring and get you no where. People should always look up for a challenge and go up against better people, thats how you improve with everything its a thing humans do every single day actually. It can also boost motivation to improve as people just need practice. It’s a cycle in life, think about math, doing math you already know a lot about like simple addition won’t really teach you something and make you improve. Now lets talk about division, its a challenge that everyone should be up to as well as Basic Algebra, if you practice and start to understand it you’ll soon get somewhere. (Maybe I’m just gifted though-)

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Oh! I’m fine with that, but that isn’t how the original post describes it.

If a separate skill based gamemode is what you are suggesting, then you might want to change the wording a bit. The original suggestion implies that they would just add SBMM to the existing games, rather than as a separate mode.

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