Show position number

Have your position number in the new UI

Sounds like a cool idea. But will it be toggleable like the player toggle?

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Ooo this is an awesome idea!


Cool idea, it’s always good to know if there is no one around you are you in last or are you in first?


I don’t think it would be since it just goes in the corner

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But it is better if it’s a toggleable gui. Some players may not want to know others position and just theirs so thats 1

Then someone might not want the GUI at all. Thats 2

It would certainly work best as part of the UI. It would always be visible when in a game.


I was thinking it would only show your own position, not others

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How has this not been suggested

duplicate suggestion

here’s the original


Technically this isn’t a duplicate suggestion because the one you linked does not specifically mention the UI.

This suggestion is specifically adding such a feature to Hive UI :+1:


The suggestion was made months before the custom UI was a thing, of course I’m not going to mention it.


i think i remember someone saying the hive will have to place some sorta marker things everywhere to see what placement you’re in which would be difficult (not sure if this is true tho)

gosh i sound stupid

well if it doesn’t mention it why link it

So because I wasn’t psychic, I can’t link a post that was suggesting the same thing.


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eh i kinda agree with you too potato man

wait im not understanding the whole suggestion could u explain it easier for me? what is a position number or a UI???

Position number refers to the place you are placed in the race, such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd,etc.
The UI of a minigame refers to this:

Of course this is the Snow Wars UI though :’)

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Bruh, this would be so hard to add. Proximity to the finish line wouldn’t work, as the maps aren’t straight lines. The hive would pretty much have to have a bunch of different nodes, and track which one you’re closest to(at least if I understand how it would be done right), which would probably take a while to debug, considering they’re doing it within Minecraft. Not worth the effort for a small qol feature.