Show player hearts on hit

this is a skywars suggestion but isn’t limited to skywars
there are countless times where i’ve hit a player over 56 times (exaggeration) and they still haven’t died. it would be great to know how much health they’re at, maybe by showing it next to their username
this wouldn’t be too op because you would only know someone’s health once you get close to them and/or when you hit them

Show players' health duplicate

but thats kinda old soo


We needed it back then and still need it now. I updated it to include skywars.


In my personal opinion, I feel if you want to know someones health, snowballs are a balanced way to see. They aren’t too common and you have to use time that you could be hitting them to check. My reason is, there are some fights that you win simply because you act more aggressive though you could only be on 1 heart. Allowing players to always see the health of other players would break this and ruin the mind game of some situations of pvp. Some people take on 2-3 people at a time, if that third person realized how low the other guy really is, it would be harder to take on teams. Just my opinion. :slight_smile:


This is actually a great point, and I agree with this. Sorry, but you’ve lost my vote! :sweat_smile: