Should they add golden apples to treasure wars?

I feel like they should, it gets hard in a 1v4 trying to get an enemies teams’ treasure whilst they are all consistently attacking you and although their swords may not be there, the damage picks up after a while. I feel like it could really be useful and could be a game changing addition.


You should maybe make a poll, also you should move this to #games:treasure-wars


I think it should be difficult to 1v4 people.


But you should be able to heal in any case if you have enough resources like diamonds because it takes sooooooo long to regen completely


I am touch but dont need gaps

I can do that too, I’m not dumb but you can jumpbridge which is soooo fast

I don’t think gapples should be added. Healing would prolong battles, and make it so much harder to fight dia armor people

Idc they should add gaps

A lot of people only look at this kinda thing from there own perspectives and therefore dont consider what maybe other people need in the game.

it doesnt matter if you are a god at pvp and never take a singular hit in pvp, thats completely irrelevant to the whole topic.

if gapples were to be added they shouldnt cost emeralds
purely because if they are to combat the full dias who have mid control then whats the point

your saying gapples will slow the game however they will also speed it up in other ways, personally i find that i have to wait to heal before making my rushes around the map which slows me down and other players probably experience the same sorta thing
on the other hand in pvp, sure itll be longer but gapples dont work against the void so dont fight in the middle of islands


If they were to add gapples, they shouldn’t heal you fully in like 3 seconds anyways like on cubecraft but at least a little faster regen like the vanilla golden apples.

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I agreep pez lol gaps r helpful

If they don’t cost ems, they might be ok. I am in no way a pro at pvp. I just don’t like the idea of almost killing the dia armor person and then they eat a gapple and kill you

No, also you can message me in private instead of making a comment irrelevant to this discussion

Gaps don’t even change fights a whole lot when people are diamond, if you trade and he gaps, you will lose since you are trading. If you get a good combo on him and he gaps, you will probably win the fight

OwO xd i need gaps for my phone

Gaps would change the way me and my friends play and we would win games so much easier me and I’m level 50 myself I don’t want people better than me destroying me in the late game.

What do you mean? Do you want to beat people without having any skill?

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U could gap up while running. Ive done it

@BlueSlimeMC is right. Golden Apples would break the game. Plus they are too op, and it would even increase the « first at emeralds, first to win ».

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I really need then. Im bad on phone and my pc needs to get mc…