Should the matchmaking system on the HIVE be same as their level

low level players are being on the same match on high level players its a dissadvantage because new players cant play well because others are already experienced and i think its best of its the same level as them i think they should change it so it will be a good experience for new players because they will have no idea what to do yet we need to match them with their same level because if we dont take action here new players are having trouble playing because of level and they have more skill than them maybe they will have better if its the same level as their skill based on how they play it will be a good experience for new players if they have the same skill becaus if they are on the same match as the higher level new players might not get if the game is good or not because there is already max level players on the game and thats not very welcoming for new players for example they get into a pvp match there is this high leveled player and the new player is trying to figure out what this game is all about but the high level player just kills him without the new player knowing what the gamemode is all about thats we need the match making to ne same as their level so it will be fair for new players and others that are trying to get good at the gamemode.


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I mean, that’s just how it always will be for noobs. Even a perfect matchmaking system would be bad imo, as noobs wouldn’t be able to learn what’s actually effective until they play against good players. This means it would just delay the time that they get destroyed by pros, instead of making it so they never have a period of getting beat constantly.

And level based matchmaking definitely isn’t that. That would just lead to high levels smurfing(making a new account so they only have to play with noobs), and level doesn’t always equal skill, even for people who are actually new to twars. They might be moving to the Hive from a different server with a bed-wars style game, and already understand the basic principles of one/have pvp skill.


Also continue from what Blaze said top players create alts all the time so you would still face really good players.

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